Building Blocks of Habitat workshop

On Saturday 25th November (9am to 2pm), I will be conducting a workshop at the Tamworth Regional Botanic Gardens on the “Building Blocks of Habitat“. The workshop is designed for people in urban areas or small rural blocks to learn about the wildlife they could attract to their gardens and how to do it.

We will be building insect hotels, having a walk to look at different habitats, playing ‘connectivity red rover’ and talking about the 10 building blocks of habitat.

The workshop is presented by Tamworth Regional Landcare Association. RSVP to Penne Fraser by Tues 21/11 on 0409 196 484.

Free morning tea and lunch and all participants will receive a free packet of native grass seed.Insect2IMG_20140222_174559_095~2

Butterfly on Swainsona galegifolia11.JPG

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