Stringybark Ecological can help you get the seed you need for your revegetation project. We will either collect it ourselves, arrange for its collection through one of our partner organisations or source it from other seed suppliers throughout Australia. We have very high standards for seed collection and all of our seed is collected according to the Florabank Guidelines.

We provide full information about collection location, number of plants collected from, soil and vegetation at the collection site and storage conditions. We provide accurate plant identification to sub-specific level, so you can be sure that the seed you get is the correct species. We can also provide viability and germination testing if required.

We specialise in collection of uncommon species, particularly herbs, forbs and grasses. Our partners are able to supply large quantities of common species for use in nurseries or direct seeding. All of our seed collectors and partners are licenced to collect seed and have completed the Professional Seed Collectors course.