Having enough seed of a diversity of plant species is critical to a successful revegetation program. Stringybark Ecological are the leaders in seed supply planning for large-scale revegetation projects. Large-scale revegetation projects usually require planning to get sufficient seed, particularly where direct seeding is a significant technique. We can help you develop a seed supply plan that can include:

  • quantities of seed required to meet revegetation targets;
  • planning collection calendars;
  • provenance delineation;
  • identifying collection locations;
  • prioritising difficult species;
  • capacity building requirements for seed collection, handling and storage; and
  • selecting species for seed production areas

Seed collection plans can also include:

    • detailed species information about flowering and seeding times, intra-specific variation;
    • collection methods;
    • storage behaviour;
    • germination and propagation; and
    • uses and values

These can be presented as a report or as a booklet or manual for community or seed collector use.