In addition to the Professional Seed Collection Course, we offer a range of short courses using the full extent of our skills and experience. We use a combination of classroom and field sessions to give a quality practical training experience backed by theory. These short courses are delivered with our partners:

The following courses can be delivered in one day:

  • Introductory plant identification;
  • Introductory seed collection;
  • Propagating native plants from seed;
  • Propagating native plants from cuttings;
  • Revegetation: how to plant trees;
  • Managing bushland;
  • Introductory farm forestry;
  • Designing native gardens;
  • How to buy quality seed;
  • Extension methods and tools

The following courses can be delivered over two days:

  • Plant identification;
  • Silviculture for farm forestry;
  • Trees on farms

We can also tailor courses to your particular needs.