Stringybark Ecological can offer flora and fauna surveys using a number of standard methods. We use standard 0.1ha rectangular plot surveys with smaller quadrat surveys used where more detail is required. Where it is required we can design a sampling strategy to cover variation in vegetation across a property or site. Standard vegetation surveys include species presence, cover and abundance, dominant species in each strata, habitat features, vegetation community description and presence of any significant species. Targetted surveys can be designed to look for particular species such as threatened species or weeds. We can also undertake rapid surveys, such as whole property surveys to identify the vegetation communities present and their extent or species presence or absence surveys.

Habitat assessments can indicate which fauna species are likely to be found at a particular site, but we can offer comprehensive fauna surveys where required. With our partners, we can carry out surveys for all fauna groups, including invertebrates, using standard and repeatable methods. We and our partners have all the licences required for these fauna and flora surveys.