We caught this young male koala with his mum as part of our Northern Tablelands Koala Tracker Project. Mum and baby were temporarily separated so we could weigh and check them both and he was calling out to her. The plan had been to put a GPS tracking collar on the mum, but when this joey appeared from the pouch we decided not to collar her. Both mum and baby were released soon after and shot up the nearest tree. A few nights later we caught a young female and put a collar on her. She is now transmitting her whereabouts to our receivers and we can watch her for the next few months to see where she goes.

This work is funded by Office of Environment and Heritage Save Our Species program.



Mother and joey in the trap


John (JML Environmental Consultants) and Rhyan (UNE) prepare checking a koala for chlamydia and general health.


Male koala joey


Arjan (EcoGeoSpatial) and Dave (Stringybark Ecological) with the koala base station on Mt Duval.