Landcare Sector

Stringybark Ecological has extensive experience working with the Landcare and environmental NGO sector. We can assist landcare groups or networks in many different ways including project management, project planning, specialist advice and education and training.

Environmental Management

Biodiversity Management Plans
Carbon Offsets and Sequestration
Environmental Weed Control
Bushland and Grassland Management
Threatened Species and Communities Management
Managing Ecosystem Services
Manage Environmental Programs
Project Mapping
Natural Area Management Plans


Seed Supply Planning
Seed Production Areas
Seed Collection and Sourcing
Design of Farm Tree Plantings
Ecological Restoration
Riparian Plantings
Species Selection
Farm Forestry and Plantations

Education and Training

Professional Seed Collection Course (4 days)
Introductory Training Courses (1-2 days)
Publications – field guides, management guides
Design of Extension Strategies
Workshops, field days and presentations
Eco Arts

Research and Monitoring

Biodiversity Monitoring
Flora and Fauna Surveys
Post-fire monitoring
Monitoring Weed and Pest Management
Monitoring Environmental Programs
Participatory Monitoring
Plant Identification
Monitoring Revegetation Success