Whole farm environmental management

Stringybark Ecological can support your agricultural practice with Whole Farm Environmental Management including:

  • Managing ecosystem services
  • Whole farm carbon management
  • Carbon Offsets

Managing ecosystem services

The natural environment provides many free goods and services that support agriculture and rural communities. Shelter, climate modification, soil formation, pollination, oxygen and other goods and services require good management if they are to be maintained. We can help identify the important ecosystem services and the best ways to manage and improve them.

Whole farm carbon management

An alternative to trading carbon sequestration is to manage your property to increase the amount of carbon you store. Carbon in the soil increases the amount of water that can get into the soil and improves the storage of water and nutrients. Carbon in the form of wood provides habitat for insects, birds, reptiles, frogs and bats that provide many ecosystem services. We can help you increase the amount of carbon you store and help you put it to work for your farm.

Carbon offsets

Sequestration of carbon is an important strategy in the fight against global warming. Trees, plants and soils can store significant amounts of atmospheric carbon dioxide as organic carbon compounds. Under various carbon trading schemes, land managers can benefit from income derived from carbon sequestration, providing specific rules and procedures are followed. We can help you plan a realistic carbon sequestration project and ensure it complies with Australian and International schemes. Plantations of native species can lock up carbon, but if they are well designed, they can provide other benefits such as shelter, shade, aesthetics and wildlife habitat.