Through revegetation, we restore health to a landscape.

Benefits of revegetation include:

  • erosion control
  • proactive management of elements such as water and wind, shelter and shade, and
  • protection of local plant and animal ecology.

We have one of the few Certified Ecological Restoration Practitioners in Australia (Society for Ecological Restoration) so are well-qualified to handle the most complex ecological restoration projects.

We can provide advice; design your revegetation project; or carry out the whole project from start to finish.

Revegetation is more than just planting trees! It includes seed collection, species selection, design, seedling procurement, site assessment and preparation, weed control, planting, guarding, watering, maintaining and monitoring.

Revegetation services are varied, depending on the specific requirements of the site and the client.


Sourcing, planning and production of genetically diverse seed is critical to a successful revegetation program (more)


Stringybark Ecological has extensive experience in ecological restoration, particularly in agricultural land in former woodland or forest sites (more)


We can design minesite remediation programs to suit the particular environmental and regulatory conditions of a site (more)


Stringybark Ecological offers a specialised landscaping service for small to large projects (more)


Whether you’re looking to integrate agroforestry into your farm operations or repair a riparian zone, tap into our experience (more)


We also offer short training courses in all aspects of revegetation, including seed collection, planting with seedlings, direct seeding, planting for wildlife, assisted natural regeneration and riparian planting (more)

From a garden planting to a regional connectivity project, we can provide the best revegetation service you will get anywhere.