Stringybark Ecological is based in Armidale, NSW and has extensive experience working with many agricultural sectors. We have delivered projects for sheep and cattle graziers, poultry industry, dryland and irrigated cropping, the cotton industry and horticulture. We understand the environment that agriculture operates in and can give realistic and practical advice and develop and deliver cost-effective planning and management to assist agriculture.

We use the concept of ‘ecosystem services’ to integrate farming and nature. Ecosystem services are the goods and services provided by nature that benefit humans. They include essential services, such as oxygen production; supporting services such as water filtration; direct goods and services such as grass for cattle feed; and cultural services such as sense of place. For more information have a look at the ‘Agbiodiversity‘ website which we developed.

Environmental Management

Biodiversity Offsets
Carbon Offsets and Sequestration
Whole-farm Carbon Management
Environmental Weed Control
Bushland and Grassland Management
Threatened Species and Communities Management
Managing Ecosystem Services
Project Mapping


Design of Farm Tree Plantings
Riparian Plantings
Species Selection
Farm Forestry and Plantations

Education and Training

Introductory Training Courses (1-2 days)
Workshops, field days and presentations
Whole Farm Planning

Research and Monitoring

Biodiversity Monitoring
Flora and Fauna Surveys
Koala Surveys (SEPP 44)
Expert Opinion
Monitoring Weed and Pest Management
Soil Survey
Plant Identification
Monitoring Revegetation Success