Publications – field guides, management guides

David Carr, the Director of Stringybark Ecological, is the author or co-author of many field guides and publications. These include plant identification field guides, bushland management guides, farm forestry guides and fact sheets and field notes. The aim of almost all of these publications is to make information easily available to anyone. You can find and download many of these publications through the ‘Resources/Publications‘ section of this website.

In addition to existing resources, we can produce publications for your needs. We have developed publications for Regional NRM bodies (e.g. CMAs), Greening Australia, local government, industry groups and community organisations. We specialise in simple, local plant field guides, using a range of formats. We can also produce publications on any of the topics and services offered on this website. These can be produced in a range of formats including:

  • pamphlets;
  • field notes;
  • A5 or A6 booklets;
  • books;
  • manuals or posters

We can prepare content-only, print-ready or manage the whole process through to the finished product.

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