Green Native Tree logo Stringybark Ecological is an environmental services business operating in northern NSW, Australia. We offer a range of services in:

  • environmental management;
  • revegetation and restoration;
  • training and education; and
  • research and monitoring

The business is owned and managed by David Carr who has 30 years experience working with people and ecosystems all across Australia. David and his staff have a high level of expertise in:

  • flora survey,
  • bushland management,
  • project management,
  • GIS and education

We offer services in:

  • soil health and testing,
  • large-scale revegetation,
  • seedling supply and
  • fauna survey

using the expertise of our staff and partner companies.

The services we offer are diverse, reflecting our depth of experience and expertise. A common theme is “connecting people with nature”. We are unique in our ability to work closely with people to help them manage or better understand their environment. We can also help people make better use of science in environmental management: through on-ground research or by applying recent science to a problem.


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