Building Blocks of Habitat workshop

Butterfly on Swainsona galegifolia11.JPG

On Saturday 25th November (9am to 2pm), I will be conducting a workshop at the Tamworth Regional Botanic Gardens on the “Building Blocks of Habitat“. The workshop is designed for people in urban areas or small rural blocks to learn about the wildlife they could attract to their gardens and how to do it. We… Read More

Walk in the Snow Gums


I recently got to walk through a beautiful Snow Gum Woodland at Glen Elgin with local landholders. Report on the day in the Glen Innes Examiner.  This beautiful property shows what New England once looked like, with an understorey of native grasses and a range of trees overhead. Alex Dudley discovered dozens of mini-beasts within… Read More

Semi-evergreen Vine Thicket in northern NSW

Northern NSW is home to a unique ecological community: Semi-evergreen Vine Thicket (or SEVT). A type of dry rainforest, this community includes a rich diversity of plants and animals. SEVT is often dominated by Notelaea microcarpa (Native Olive) and Geijera parviflora (Wilga) and usually has a low tree layer, a dense tall shrub layer and a dense ground… Read More